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The TRUTH Is Right In Front Of Us - Hidden SUPER ABILITIES

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Mike Pike
Mike Pike
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In Science

⁣They Hide These "SUPER ABILITIES" Right In Front Of Us.
"HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE In Plain Sight"A very powerful Michael Tellinger compilation.
Special thanks to Michael Tellinger for taking the risk to tell us the truthhttps://michaeltellinger.com/
0:00 Introduction (Watch The Whole Video)!

0:35 Manipulating objects w/Prime Resonance Frequency

1:48 Demonstration of Prime Resonance Frequency

2:44 "Three Sacred Songs"

3:38 The Cymascope

4:03 Human Sounds Visualised

4:18 Sound = Religious Symbols

4:49 Sound Creates Light

5:23 Demonstration of Sound Levitating Things

5:41 Patents for Sound Devices

6:04 Nikola Tesla

7:03 Demonstration of "Paramagnetism"

7:41 Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein

9:56 Cymatic Patterns

11:21 Adam's Calendar

12:12 Ancient Machines

13:45 Giant Circuit Boards
15:25 How They Keep Us Ignorant

16:16 Scientist Caught on Camera Lying

16:58 Food Is Making Us Sick

17:51 Fluoride as a Poison
18:35 Why?

19:06 1% Rich vs 99% Poor

19:19 Follow The Money

20:34 Money as A Tool Of Enslavement

22:51 Do Not Try To Expose Us!

Footage: Videoblocks

Music: Epidemic Sound and Audiojungle

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