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Montauk Chronicles (2015) - Documentary about Montauk Project

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Mike Pike
Mike Pike
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⁣ALFRED Bielek died in October 2011 but he will forever be associated with mysterious experiments allegedly conducted by the United States government known as the Montauk Project.
Not much is known about the highly secretive military experiments which supposedly took place during the Cold War era, but the conspiracy theories that surround them make the idea that the Moon landing was faked sound like child’s play.
The Montauk Project is an alleged series of secret experiments conducted at Camp Hero or Montauk Air Force Station in Long Island, New York.
With the help of scientists like John von Neumann and the work of Nikola Tesla, military officials sought to conduct experiments for the purpose of developing psychological warfare techniques and carry out exotic research into time travel, or so the story goes.
According to the tin foil-hat wearing true believers, during the tests a man named Alfred Bielek travelled through time and reached a confidential test site in 1983.
It’s a story he himself spent many years trumpeting from the late 1980s after Mr Bielek claimed he uncovered memories of his involvement in the experiments that had been suppressed to assure confidentiality.

The radar dish at the mysterious Camp Hero US Army base near, Montauk, New York.
It goes without saying that such conspiracy theories need to be taken with more salt than you should probably ingest in your lifetime but despite the crazy ramblings of a mad man, there are many questions about the alleged Montauk Project that remain unanswered today.
Camp Hero, the US army base built in World War II to defend the coast, sits in 400 acres of woodland near Montauk. During the Cold War, the top secret base was the centre of a series of radars trained on the Atlantic to detect any incoming Russian attacks.
But after closing in 1981, it became shrouded in mystery as rumours of secret government experiments in mind control and telekinetic powers emerged as people claimed to have been abducted as children and subjected to violent beatings and forced drug-taking to test the limits of the human mind.

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