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Depopulation Agenda - Systematically Poisoned (2019) - Documentary

100 Views 23/08/22
Mike Pike
Mike Pike
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鈦rom flint michigan's water crisis to nestle's evil plan to own all the water. This film goes into depth of topics long forgotten by the public. The fluoridation of our tap water, as well as bp's impact on our environment.

Can this be part of a satanic depopulation plan? Agenda 21? Illuminati? You be the judge! The so-called "Elite" psychopaths who rule over us want to reduce the world population down to 500 million, research "The georgia guidestones" and speak out, take action, take the truth to the streets!!

Knowledge is power, we have been enslaved through lack of knowledge, educate yourself and those around you if they will listen, careful though most will hate you if you try to pull them out of the matrix, they love the system they suffer from stockholm syndrome they love the very ones that are oppressing them and holding us as humanity down. Wake up sheeple, we must end human enslavement and kill the illuminati!!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below 馃憞

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