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David Icke - The Coronavirus Conspiracy - The Theory Has Become a Fact

48,313 Views· 23/07/27
Mike Pike
Mike Pike
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⁣David Icke, is an English writer and public speaker, known since the 1990s as a professional conspiracy theorist, calling himself a “full-time investigator into WHO and WHAT is really controlling the world.”

David is the author of over 21 books and 10 DVDs and has lectured in over 25 countries, speaking live for up to 10 HOURS to huge audiences, filling stadiums like Wembley Arena.

In April 2020, Icke gave a two-and-a-half-hour interview to the British online channel London Real. The video is dubbed in English, Spanish and French, and subtitled in multiple other languages.

At the time, it was shared by several million internet users but for some reason the organisations controlling the mass media and all social media blocked this interview completely, and by all possible means, disinformation campaigns were launched to ridicule Icke's theories.

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