Anti Gravity - Viktor Grebennikov LEVITATING Technology

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Mike Pike
Mike Pike
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⁣Anti Gravity technology found in nature I Viktor Grebennikov LEVITATING technology
In summer 1988, an
entomologist from Novosibirsk city, Viktor Stepanovich Grebennikov, examined a microstructure of the lower surface of beetles’ wing case by a microscope and became interested in “an unusually rhythmic, extremely
ordered, incomparable honeycomb, solid multidimensional composition, which looked as if it was pressed by some complicated automatic machine”.

Studying this amazing micropattern allowed Grebennikov to design a platform of a new kind called “Gravity plane”. Let’s talk about it. Hey guys and welcome back to the channel. For this video, we will talk about the Anti Gravity Technology discovered from Nature II Viktor Grebennikov LEVITATING technology”.

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