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⁣AERS cancer reports are 5 X higher in just 18 months for the Covid shots compared to all other products in the entire history of VAERS

3000 hits for the term ‘cancer’ in all previous (pre Covid injection) VAERS reports
15,000 hits for the term ‘cancer’ for Covid injections in just 18 months
Here we have such aggressive and fast moving cancers that people are clearly associating them with these shots

The median age for deaths after these injections is about 10 years lower than the median age for deaths before these injections were rolled out
The median age of deaths from Covid was 82 (above average life expectancy) and with these shots the median age of deaths is 72

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⁣First case of polio in the US in years was detected this week in New York — here's what to know about polio vaccinesUS records first polio case in nearly a decade
Fox News' Lauren Green on the investigation into how a 20-year-old unvaccinated man contracted polio.
An unvaccinated Rockland County, N.Y., resident exposed to an individual who received an oral poliovirus vaccine contracted the neurological disease and is now paralyzed, according to Rockland County and New York State Health Officials on Thursday, as Fox News Digital reported earlier.
The case raises the issue of polio vaccinations — and what Americans should know to protect their health.
"Based on what we know about this case and polio in general, the Department of Health strongly recommends that unvaccinated individuals get vaccinated or boosted with the FDA-approved IPV [inactivated] polio vaccine as soon as possible," State Health Commissioner Dr. Mary T. Bassett said in a release from the N.Y. State Department of Health that was provided to Fox News Digital.
Health officials said on Thursday that the oral vaccine — which contains live strands of the poliovirus — is no longer used in the U.S.
However, it is still used in many countries, including those in Eastern Europe.

Officials could not confirm where the individual who received the oral polio vaccine was from or where the person who is ill encountered this person.

The patient began experiencing symptoms about a month ago; state and county health officials began investigating and contact tracing.

⁣"The fact is, the urgency of safe and effective vaccines has always been here, and we need New Yorkers to protect themselves against completely preventable viruses like polio."
Pop-up polio vaccination clinics have been established this past week and for next week as well.


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⁣Criminal History Of Fauci And Birx as told by Dr Robert Willner (1994) who revealed the HIV Hoax!. Deadly Deception Dr Willner Corona virus they are using same game plan in 2020 with Faucci.
Dr. Willner and found a few interesting things happened after he began speaking out: Deadly Deception. Filmed Dec. 7th, 1994. Shortly after Dr. Robert Willner started speaking out they took away his medical license. Four months after he made this video he died of a heart attack. Following are some quotes from this lecture:

1990 Dr. Willner has his medical license suspended.
1994 This talk happens (the talk in the above video) and Willner injects himself with the blood of an HIV positive man.
1994 Dr. Willner's book Deadly Deception is published.
1995 Dr. Willner sadly passes away after having a heart attack.

Criminal History Of Fauci And Birx as told by Dr Robert Willner (1994) who revealed the HIV Hoax! Deadly Deception Dr Willner Corona virus they are using same game plan in 2020 with Faucci
HOW THE LIE BEGAN In 1980, Dr. Robert Gallo, a retrovirologist with the National Cancer Institute, discovered the first human retrovirus (HTLV-I). A retrovirus is distinguished from an ordinary virus by virtue of the fact that its RNA is converted to DNA by an enzyme called reverse transcriptase. Its replication and survival is totally dependent on the viability of the host cell. If the host cell dies, the virus is finished. Dr. Gallo knew this basic fact; however, he would soon purposely ignore this fact in order to serve his own needs by claiming that the virus was very "mysterious".
Somehow it would mysteriously survive while mysteriously slaughtering T-cells by the millions (this has never been observed). He had contended in the past, but failed to prove, that the very same retrovirus (HTLV-I) caused a specific type of leukemia which was occuring in Japan. The power of position, that of being a top government official and scientist, has allowed the erroneous label of "leukemia virus" to remain intact even though it was rejected by the scientific community.

In 1981, it was proposed that an acquired immune deficiency was the basis for a new syndrome of diseases (AIDS) that appeared to be surfacing amongst promiscuous male homosexuals and intravenous drug users. Dr. David Durack, of Duke University, a recognized expert on infectious diseases and the immune system, though admitting the prevalence of drug use (particular "poppers" or amyl nitrites) and repeated multiple infections, ignored these well-known causes of immune deficiency and announced that this "truly new syndrome" must be due to "some new factor".
Continuously this group of scientists has resorted to theory, not fact, as to how the AIDS virus supposedly accomplishes its dirty deeds. The words, "it is thought", are constantly used in casual conversations or in the non-scientific articles and popular magazines and books. In the scientific journals or at lectures the theory is presented as established fact although there are no facts involved. It is portrayed as an established truth and therefore is accepted as such by most scientists, including physicians.

The so-called HIV virus is still referred to as a "new" virus in spite of the indisputable evidence to the contrary. Incorrectly, the virus has been characterized as "attacking" or "infiltrating" the immune system, when in reality this is impossible because it is not alive and does not invade. Retroviruses are engulfed by the cells and incorporated into the cell's life processes.

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