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⁣Urgent address by Egon Cholakian to all people following his recent participation in a joint session of the Nobel Committee and the National Academy of Sciences in Washington.

In his address, Egon Cholakian reveals the true and shocking reasons behind global climate change, climatic anomalies, and catastrophes that are escalating worldwide. Egon Cholakian explains the pattern of recurring climate catastrophes that we are currently experiencing. This pattern is reflected in a unique mathematical model indicating a geometric progression in the growth of climate catastrophes, which could lead to the demise of humanity in the coming years. As Egon Cholakian stated, "Our planet is on the brink of self-destruction, and humanity has only a few years left to prevent the impending catastrophe."

Egon Cholakian proposes the only viable and scientifically substantiated solution available today that can save us from a global climate catastrophe. Action must be taken soon while we can still change the situation. This information is being revealed for the first time.
Egon Cholakian, is a qualified Particle Physicist, affiliated with the preeminent CERN particle physics laboratory as a Future Circular Collider technology developer. Collaborates in the arrangement of NASA’s NISAR mission. A member of the International Association of Intelligence Educators and an international tax Law professional. Served as a Legislative Tax Analyst attached to the President's Commission on International Trade and Investment Policy under President Nixon and President Ford. Worked with the Reagan Kitchen Cabinet, and Reagan White House within President Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative project. In total, Egon Cholakian worked with four U.S. Presidents. Currently serves as a federal lobbyist at The U.S. Congress and White House. Egon Cholakian has emerged as a prominent voice on climate change and national security-related matters.

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