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Mike Pike
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⁣Carlos Castaneda (1925-1998) is often called the "godfather" of the human potential movement. His name and life are surrounded by many contradictions, fictions and legends.
This film feature Castaneda's closest apprentices as well as major experts in modern spiritually oriented psychology who lift the veil on the greatest mystery of his life: the stormy search of how to become real.

Mike Pike
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⁣Dr Jordan B Peterson and Dr. Dennis McKenna discuss the science behind psychedelics, the entities found through the looking glass, the current pharmaceutical approach to long life, and why it needs to change.
Dr. Dennis McKenna is an American ethnopharmacologist, lecturer and author. He is a founding board member and the director of ethnopharmacology at the Heffter Research Institute, a non-profit exploring the therapeutic uses of psychedelic medicines. McKenna received his masters in botany at the University of Hawaii in 1979, followed by his doctorate in the same field at the University of British Columbia in 1984. Dennis is the brother of Terrence McKenna, a cultural figure and proponent for the exploration of psychedelics.

Together they co-authored The Invisible Landscape. Much later McKenna would write a memoir, Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss, detailing he and his brothers exploits in the field. Today, Dennis tours and lectures, while also running the McKenna Academy of Natural Philosophy, which seeks to uncover the mysteries of consciousness held within the realm of botany and pharmacology.

Dr Peterson's extensive catalog is available now on DailyWire+:
McKenna Academy:
The Experiment at La Chorrera
ESPD55 Livestream Symposium Those interested in donations may contact

Mike Pike
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⁣Master Mantak Chia is Taoist Master, author, and healer who teaches people how to empower themselves through the cultivation of their “chi” energy.
This is his third appearance on London Real and last time he performed my Chinese Astrology reading, and we discussed the 5 elements of Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood, and how they directly related to my personal energy.
On this episode I went to dive deeper into the philosophy of Taoism, learn about dark room therapy, taoist nutrition and fasting, and of course we will revisit our favourite subject - sex and sexual energy.

Mike Pike
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⁣DMT: The Spirit Molecule investigates the world’s most potent psychedelic drug, dimethyltryptamine (DMT), and its effects on human consciousness. DMT is a naturally occurring psychoactive compound found within both plants and animals, including in the human brain. It has been linked to hallucinogenic effects such as near-death experiences, alien abductions, and visions of angels

The film focuses on the work of Dr. Rick Strassman, who was granted permission in 1990 to undertake a five-year study of DMT at the University of Mexico’s School of Medicine. In weighing the spiritual link of DMT and the opposing scientific stance towards hallucinogens, DMT: The Spirit Molecule asks more questions than it answers. It challenges the ideologies of the world, pointing out the rudimentary nature of contemporary science and spirituality.

In addition to Dr. Strassman, many other experts voice their opinions along the way. Each with their own theories, speculations and personal opinions attempt to explain the DHT experience. The documentary’s graphics provide the perfect ambiance for the issue at hand, with the film itself challenging the religious, scientific and philosophical knowledge of consciousness till date.

Mike Pike
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⁣“Ayahuasca & the Path of the Shaman” is a 94 minute documentary that investigates the healing properties of the Peruvian Plant Medicine, Ayahuasca. Driven by a need to heal from his own depression, Dave, travels from his home outside Vancouver, Canada, to Peru in search of this spiritual plant, where he eventually is taught by a Shipibo Master how to work with it. The film's narrative unfolds through a series of storylines: We follow Shannan, as she begins her journey with Dave and this medicine, uncovering child-hood trauma buried deep inside her sub-conscious.

We hear from Lisa, a recovering heroin and crack addict that worked as a prostitute in the streets of Toronto. We also hear from Gabor Mate, whom through talk therapy, helps participants uncover how their experiences with Ayahuasca relate to their daily lives. And finally we hear from Libby. Who starts her journey with this plant by leaving a suicide message on her phone that thankfully never gets delivered.

Mike Pike
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⁣This documentary follows Aubrey Marcus and company through a powerful Ayahuasca ceremony at Spiritquest Sanctuary in Peru. Under the guidance of Don Howard and his team of ayahuasca shamans, Aubrey and his tribe experience deeply vulnerable transformational experiences. This beautifully cinematic journey is directed by Mitch Schultz, the director of DMT the Spirit Molecule, with an original soundtrack by Poranguí.

Aubrey first began speaking about Ayahuasca on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast in 2011. Since then he has appeared in dozens of other documentaries and media outlets commenting on Ayahuasca. The documentary seeks to help the viewer answer the following questions for themselves:

What is Ayahuasca?
What is it like to take Ayahuasca?
What visions do you have while on Ayahuasca?
What emotional breakthroughs occur during an Ayahuasca ceremony?
Should I take ayahuasca?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments?

Mike Pike
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⁣A Journey with Ayahuasca
Reconnect is London Real’s fifth feature-length documentary film and documents Brian Rose’s journey to Costa Rica where he participates in multiple ceremonies with the plant medicine Ayahausca. The movie stars Graham Hancock, Dr. Jordan Peterson, Dennis McKenna, Sadhguru, Dorian Yates, Dr. Gabor Mate, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Michael Pollan, and Dan Pena.

As the founder and host of London Real, Brian Rose has spoken to over 1,000 of the greatest minds on the planet for the past eight years including Dan Peña, Dan Bilzerian, Robert Kiyosaki, Jocko Willink and more.
With an aim to spread transformational ideas to the world, London Real reaches millions of people each month with its message and yet, when Brian looked outside his studio, he saw a very different reality: a world full of division, tribalism, hatred, anger, and disconnection from our environment.

Against that background, Brian also felt extremely disconnected from his purpose, his mission, and his family.
Under the advice of legendary psychedelic researcher Dennis McKenna (brother of the late Terence McKenna), Brian decided to travel to Costa Rica to participate in three ceremonies with the ancient plant medicine Ayahuasca, known for inducing powerful visions, painful experiences, and transformational lessons.

There he reconnects with his vision and purpose but also uncovers childhood trauma that created an existential crisis in his life. After returning to London with clear visions about the future, he soon realised that things are not what he expected, and that real transformation and healing must include painful challenges and uncomfortable situations.

Along the way, Brian is advised and mentored by a number of London Real guests including Jordan Peterson, the best selling author Michael Pollan, Graham Hancock, childhood trauma specialist Dr. Gabor Mate, the Indian mystic Sadhguru, Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris of Imperial College London, former bodybuilder Dorian Yates, Dr. Joe Dispenza, and high-performance coach Dan Peña, the $50 Billion Man.

Despite this incredible guidance, Brian struggles to address his personal demons, and ultimately decides to confront the people who caused his trauma. So he embarks on a trip home to speak separately to his mother and father, in order to heal himself and ultimately create a new future for his children, his company, and his movement.
Watch Reconnect now and share in Brian’s story through his Ayahuasca ceremony and beyond to his integration exclusively here on London Real.


Mike Pike
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⁣Mike Tyson explains to Dan Le Batard the spiritual awakening he underwent after smoking DMT, a psychedelic drug that occurs naturally in some plants and animals. Tyson also shares how his ego has shaped his life, and he goes in depth about his relationship with Cus D'Amato.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments?

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