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⁣Nobody owns the air. A look at the deception being perpetrated by the aircraft manufacturers and airlines charging for fuel they don't use.
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⁣The G7 central bankers met on August 22nd 2019 at the Jackson Hole, Wyoming meeting, where they gather once a year, and they voted on a plan called the Going Direct reset. I would describe it as the ‘real reset’ behind what the World Economic Forum describes as the Great Reset. I think of the Great Reset of the World Economic Forum as sort of a marketing plan for the Going Direct reset.
What is the financial coup d’etat? – between fiscal 1998 and 2015, 21 trillion dollars that we know of went missing from the US government. The beginning of this was described to me by the president of the largest pension fund in the United States. In 1997 he said “they’ve given up on the country – they’re moving all the money out, starting in the fall”. This is privatization on the just do it method, where you pull the assets out, you lever up the governments with debt and bankrupt them, which gives you the ability essentially to take control and end sovereignty. For the last hundred years or so, in the G7 countries, we’ve had a balance of power between the bankers who control monetary policy and then the electorate votes for a parliament or a congress and they oversee the fiscal policy.
What Going Direct is doing, among other things, is basically the central bankers are moving in and taking control of the what the electorate used to run, which is the the fiscal policy and the tax money. The rubber is going to meet the road when it comes down to the taxation system, because if we continue to pay taxes to finance a criminal enterprise that can’t have a good result.
Around the world you start to see more and more people taking over the governments who have a central banking background. This is essentially the consolidation of the coup. Now where is this going?… it’s going to complete central control with the vaccine ID passports, Central Bank Digital Currencies, which is a control system and Universal Basic Income, which destroys people’s ability to produce their own income. To do all of this you need a smart grid.
The general manager of the Bank of International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland, speaking at a conference on cross-border payments in October 2020, described the beauty of the Central Bank Digital Currency system as follows:
“we don’t know, for example, who is using a 100 dollar bill today, we don’t know who is using a 1000 peso bill today. A key difference with the CBDC is that central banks will have absolute control on the rules and regulations that will determine the use of that expression of central bank liability and also we will have the technology to enforce that. Those two issues are extremely important and that makes a huge difference with respect to what cash is.”
So what that means is if you have money in your bank account and the new rule is you’re not allowed to transact further than five kilometers from your home, your card won’t work more than five kilometers from your home. If they don’t want you buying pizza, you can’t buy pizza with money in your in your bank account or with your card. It is complete control. It solves the taxation without representation problem, because if they want more taxes they just come take it out of your account. So when the World Economic Forum said “it’s 2030 you have no assets and you’re happy” what i hear is it’s 2030, we took all of your assets and you’re mind controlled.
Five steps that I want you to consider are:
– Pick a side
We are at a fork in the road. One road leads to slavery the other road leads to freedom. You have to decide which which side you’re on.
– Ask unanswered questions to build a good map of the official simulated reality being presented in the ‘old media’ and actual reality.
We live in a world where there’s an official reality or a simulated reality and it’s very much created by what we’re now calling, thanks to Brian Gerrish of the UK Column news, the old media. The new media is doing a great job of trying to help people navigate between the two. We all are dealing with family and friends who want to stay in the official reality and we need to know what it is and how it works so we can meet them.
You don’t want to use the official reality for risk management because that’s how people lose money to financial fraud and health fraud. If you use your reality map to have a dinner party with friends who don’t want to know about reality, you’re going to lose a lot of friends. We live in a multiple personality disorder world, so you need these two maps to navigate successfully and be effective. You don’t need to drop truth bombs on people in the middle of dinner parties. When there’s a great deal of uncertainty and we don’t have good intelligence, we can ask questions and and the richness of that process of asking questions helps us fill in a map like making a jigsaw puzzle....

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⁣Will you be a part of the golden horde?
How can you prepare for unruly crowds, and how bad will the desperate mobs get?

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⁣Urgent address by Egon Cholakian to all people following his recent participation in a joint session of the Nobel Committee and the National Academy of Sciences in Washington.

In his address, Egon Cholakian reveals the true and shocking reasons behind global climate change, climatic anomalies, and catastrophes that are escalating worldwide. Egon Cholakian explains the pattern of recurring climate catastrophes that we are currently experiencing. This pattern is reflected in a unique mathematical model indicating a geometric progression in the growth of climate catastrophes, which could lead to the demise of humanity in the coming years. As Egon Cholakian stated, "Our planet is on the brink of self-destruction, and humanity has only a few years left to prevent the impending catastrophe."

Egon Cholakian proposes the only viable and scientifically substantiated solution available today that can save us from a global climate catastrophe. Action must be taken soon while we can still change the situation. This information is being revealed for the first time.
Egon Cholakian, is a qualified Particle Physicist, affiliated with the preeminent CERN particle physics laboratory as a Future Circular Collider technology developer. Collaborates in the arrangement of NASA’s NISAR mission. A member of the International Association of Intelligence Educators and an international tax Law professional. Served as a Legislative Tax Analyst attached to the President's Commission on International Trade and Investment Policy under President Nixon and President Ford. Worked with the Reagan Kitchen Cabinet, and Reagan White House within President Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative project. In total, Egon Cholakian worked with four U.S. Presidents. Currently serves as a federal lobbyist at The U.S. Congress and White House. Egon Cholakian has emerged as a prominent voice on climate change and national security-related matters.

For more detailed information about the project for establishing a unified scientific center, you can visit the website
For inquiries:

Reproduction, distribution, and utilization of this video in part or in full are permitted through any means without distorting the information, provided that proper attribution is given to the source:

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⁣Geoengineering Chemtrails Expert Rosalind Peterson - Alex Jones Infowars Documentary,
⁣United States citizen scientist, researcher, and anti-geoengineering activist, Rosalind Peterson of Mendocino, California, proved both pioneer and prophet.

She helped catalyze a global grassroots anti-geoengineering movement through her decades-long work crusading for clearer skies, cleaner water, healthier trees and plants, and a more resilient planet free of geoengineering fallout. Peterson combined scientific data collection and research, publishing, public speaking, and political advocacy to educate the world about the many negative environmental consequences of clandestine geoengineering.

Founder of the California Skywatch in 2002 and the Agricultural Defense Coalition in 2006, Peterson built an extensive collection of multimedia materials over three decades, now being archived and curated through Our Geoengineering Age for public use by the global scientific community. As an initial “sort” of her extensive archival collection reveals, Peterson proved a tenacious and courageous citizen scientist who wore many hats: environmentalist, photographer, field scientist/researcher, writer, speaker, and activist/publicist.

Peterson’s decades-long effort to uncover the myriad toxic environmental impacts of clandestine geoengineering also provides a compelling, scientifically researched alternative to the widely accepted theory advanced by the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) that global warming is primarily caused by anthropogenically released carbon dioxide.

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⁣The Pyramid Code is a made-for-television documentary series of 5 episodes that explores the pyramid fields and ancient temples in Egypt, as well as ancient megalithic sites around the world, looking for clues to matriarchal consciousness, ancient knowledge and sophisticated technology in a golden age.
The ancients knew about an Earth grid of powerful energies and believed they coalesced in designated patterns. Learn how such knowledge translated into an extraordinary mathematical precision, as revealed in monuments including the great pyramids of Egypt, Stonehenge, Teotihuacán and many others.
The series is based on the extensive research done in 25 trips to Egypt and 51 other countries around the world by Dr. Carmen Boulter. The Pyramid Code features interviews with more than a dozen prominent scholars and authors in multidisciplinary fields.

Episode 2
44 mins
High Level Technology
High Level Technology shows evidence that the ancient Egyptians used sophisticated engineering and high science to construct pyramids and temples.

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⁣Officially declare yourself as TransVax - Not Vaccinated but identify as the vaccinated person.

⁣I am an unvaccinated person but my body identifies very strongly as a person triple dose vaccined and each subsequent dose.
We have all matured to officially introduce the newest from the wide range of genders. This time the new sex will be called TransVax and at the same time I demand from everyone the same tolerance as Transgender ect

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⁣The story of Martin Armstrong
Can a computer model predict the world economy?

The year is 2014: Europe is stumbling from one emergency summit to the next. America has gone crashing through the 15-billion-dollar debt ceiling. People are taking to the streets across the world because they have realised that something has been thrown off kilter; that the market economy is tearing a vast rift between the super rich and the masses; that the banks have spiralled out of control; that governments have lost their grip on public debt.

And after eleven years off the radar, a man resurfaces in Philadelphia, a man who used a computer model and the number pi in the nineties to predict economic turning points with astounding precision: Martin Armstrong predicted the exact date of the October crash in 1987, the demise of the Japanese bull market in 1990, the turning point for the US and European markets in July 1998 and the Nikkei crash in 1989. He was one of the wealthiest Wall Street market analysts and was named economist of the decade and fund manager of the year in 1998. But he refused to play along with the bankers’ game and warned his customers that “the club” was manipulating currency and silver markets. He quickly made powerful enemies: New York investment bankers, hedge funds managers, Salomon Brothers, Goldman Sachs. The FBI and SEC, US Securities and the Exchange Commission, started to show interest in his computer model. In 1999 he was arrested on charges of fraud which he still disputes to this day. He was incarcerated for seven years for contempt of court. After time in solitary confinement and threats against his mother, he signed a partial confession and was sentenced to a further four years.

This documentary film portrays a man returning to his life after eleven years in prison. It follows him as he meets his old partners for the first time and depicts his first public speech to people who are still prepared to travel from across the globe and pay handsome sums to hear him speak. The film shows him attempting to prove his innocence and expose the power of the New York banks.

Martin Armstrong’s career thus began with a complete error of judgement. Even at this young age, he tried to understand the system, to grasp the logic according to which each boom was followed by a bust. Was Niccolo Machiavelli right in his belief that history repeated itself because man’s passions remain the same? He analysed the financial markets, studied the history of business cycles, stock market crashes and global monetary systems. He visited libraries and collected historical data: gold prices, exchange rates. He played around with figures and dates, he divided the time span between the Rye House Plot in 1683 and the year of the bankers’ panic in 1907 (224 years) by the number of market crashes during this period (26) and ended up with an average of 8.6

Eight point six – the global economy appeared to be based on this 8.6-year cycle. He multiplied the cycle by six which gave him 51.6 years and once again it all fitted perfectly: Black Friday in 1869, the commodity panic in 1920, and the Second and Third Punic Wars. He divided, subtracted and multiplied and established that 8.6 years equalled three thousand one hundred and forty-one days: 3,141, the magic number pi times a thousand. Did pi perhaps also govern the markets or the actions and moods that manifested themselves in these markets?

Armstrong was sure of one thing: there is a geometry of time. He may not be able to explain why, but there is some order to the chaos that exists around us.

Martin Armstrong had just published the secrets of pi when FBI men stormed his office. Soon his accounts and those of his partners in London, Australia and Japan had been frozen. They were not to meet for twelve years. “Is financier Armstrong a Con man, a crank or a genius” asked the New Yorker headline in an eight-page article written as Armstrong was in a maximum security wing in New York. What are the judicial facts, the legal peculiarities and the juristic doubts involved here? And who could have profited from Martin Armstrong’s lengthy sentence behind US bars? And: what does all this say about a system on which we are all dependent in one way or another?

12 years after the demise of Princeton Economics Martin Armstrong is released from prison after he signed a coerced guilty plead. His new life commences with a “World Economic Conference” in Philadelphia. Only three months after his release, he’s back again. As if nothing had happened. As if there’d been no twelve years where he was deprived of the world. Martin Armstrong lectures to 350 people, who travelled especially to Philadelphia to see him. He speaks of his initial approach towards solving the global financial crisis, which he compares to the fall of the Roman Empire. And twelve years later, some of his former partners are back to perhaps resume operations where they’d left off. Will Martin Armstrong and his former partners join forces and re-establish Princeton Economics to make their distinctive mark on the desolate landscape of the financial sector?


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⁣Filmworker charts the multiple decades that Leon Vitali spent as the jack-of-all-trades assistant to famously demanding film director Stanley Kubrick. It’s a glimpse into the ways Kubrick worked that is both fascinating and heartbreaking, especially in the ways the director, and then his estate after his death, treated someone who was unwaveringly loyal. The lone bonus feature is a Q&A with Vitali and director Tony Ziera.

Behind every Hollywood legend there’s usually at least one assistant who helps keep that person’s world turning in countless unsung ways. In the case of famous film director Stanley Kubrick, there was Leon Vitali, who was different from other assistants in film lore because he cut short a promising acting career to take on a thankless role.
He was also different because he did so much more than keep the trains running on time, so to speak. When needed, Vitali served as casting director, editor, film archivist and restorationist, and more. He even stepped in to play a masked role in Kubrick’s final film, Eyes Wide Shut, which, of course, didn’t allow him to shirk his other duties even as he was filming his lines over and over again, as the director famously liked to do.

Director Tony Zierra’s documentary about Vitali, Filmworker, takes its name from the occupation Vitali put on various forms. It was something he came up with, he says, because he saw himself simply as someone who works in film. He acted in many British TV shows and movies before being cast as Lord Bullingdon in the 1975 Kubrick film Barry Lyndon. While on the Lyndon set, he was fascinated by how the director was involved in every aspect of the production and how every crew member around him had a key role to play.

That fascination led him to essentially creating a job for himself with Kubrick, who, as Vitali tells it, was masterful at coming across as benign and gentle at first before later revealing his controlling and demanding side. In that context, Vitali notes that Kubrick loved to play chess, but I don’t know if that’s a masterful relationship move as much as someone who wants to hide their distorted personality until the other person is in too deep. Kubrick was brilliant, but he was also abusive – I’ve long felt that his infamous obsession with shooting even the most mundane moments over and over wasn’t so much about perfectionism as it was about a sadistic tendency to see how far he could push people.

In Vitali’s case, I don’t think there was ever a notion that he was in too deep. He seemed to revel in his relationship with Kubrick, enjoying the fact that he worked long hours seven days a week to serve all of the director’s whims and needs. The only times cracks seem to appear in that happy façade are when he relates moments where he’s perhaps considering that Kubrick went too far – such as when he horribly mistreated Vitali on Christmas Eve, gave him a present and sent him home, and then started calling him on Christmas Day to hound him about many tasks that needed to be done.

When Kubrick died, Vitali seemed to be cast aside by people closest to the director who took over his estate. It’s telling, for example, that this documentary doesn’t feature interviews with Kubrick’s widow Christiane and her brother Jan Harlan, who executive produced several of the director’s movies and was known as his right-hand man. Vitali was constantly at Kubrick’s home when he wasn’t on movie sets or doing prep work for movies such as location scouting and casting, so obviously the two of them would have been around him quite a bit.


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⁣"Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story" is one of the most frustrating Martin Scorsese films as well as one of the most out-of-character. Decades in the making, in a way, this is an engaging but disorganized and long-winded (two hours, twenty minutes) account of the time in 1975 that Bob Dylan, nine years on from his motorcycle accident, convened a vagabond caravan of musicians, poets, reporters, photographers, money men, and hangers-on to tour the United States in the lead-up to the country's Bicentennial celebration. The tour was a bust, financially and in terms of cultural impact—or at least that's how Dylan, 78 at the time of this film's streaming premiere, remembers it, while cautioning Scorsese and the viewer that he barely remembers anything at all. Nevertheless, the Rolling Thunder Revue rejuvenated Dylan as a musician, in the manner of Elvis Presley's 1968 "comeback" special. And it generated enormous amounts of tour footage, some of which is reproduced here, within a highly conceptual framework, by Scorsese.

The issue of authorship is nearly as central to this movie as the story of Dylan roaming the United States, driving his own tour bus and performing in small- and medium-sized halls, accompanied by the likes of Joan Baez, Ramblin' Jack Elliot, Roger McGuinn, Scarlet Rivera, Joni Mitchell, Ronnie Hawkins, and (in one of his final filmed appearances) Sam Shepard. Scorsese, who over the course of his long career has essentially stamped certain American rock acts, including Dylan, The Rolling Stones, and The Band with "Property of Martin Scorsese," is the credited director, naturally. And as edited by Damian Rodriguez and David Tedeschi, the film bears many Scorsesean hallmarks, including surprising transitions from one idea to the next, and sequences that have been cross-cut in order to provoke questions and create sensations rather than serve up fixed meanings or answers.

But once you look at what the thing actually is, what it's made of, and how the pieces have been arranged, things get curiouser and curiouser. The film is woven around footage shot during the tour by real-life Chicago cameraman Howard Alk (1930-1982), who was hired by Dylan to make a project that somehow never got turned into an actual feature film. The footage has been re-contextualized by Scorsese and presented as the work of European filmmaker Stefan Van Dorp, a nonexistent person played by Argentinean performance artist Martin von Haselberg (husband of Bette Midler, briefly glimpsed in 1975 footage). In interviews, Van Dorp talks in the cliched "high culture" cadences of a mid-20th century moneyed WASP, and speaks on camera of his subjects and collaborators (excluding Dylan and a few others) in an exasperated, withering manner.

Other fictional or questionably involved characters enter the narrative as well, including Paramount Pictures CEO James Gianopulos as the tour promoter; actor Michael Murphy as nonexistent Congressman Jack Tanner (whom he played in two projects for the late Robert Altman); and Sharon Stone, costar of Scorsese's "Casino," as herself, telling the story of how she attended one of the Rolling Thunder Revue concerts as a 17-year-old in the company of her mother and was invited to join the caravan.

Is Scorsese trying to create his own, epically scaled answer to "This is Spinal Tap" or "Zelig"—a mock documentary integrating the real with the fictional, prompting audiences to question the distinctions between them? Maybe. "The Rolling Thunder Revue" starts with a snippet of a silent-era George Melies film of a magic trick and returns to it later, as if to signal that an aspect of illusion is built into the project. The collision of verified events and never-before-discussed anecdotes (some of which, like Congressman Tanner's friendship with President Jimmy Carter, are obviously fabricated) undermines the veracity of everything in the story, like the anecdote about Rivera supposedly taking Dylan to see KISS and inspiring him to don Kabuki-inspired facepaint.

And to what end? What you're seeing, for the most part, are real events that happened in real places to real people, and which therefore have archival value. Even if one were to thread up unedited footage at random, the images and sounds would still tell us a lot about the culture and emotional temperature of the U.S. circa 1975. The concert footage (much of which concentrates exclusively on Dylan, regardless of assurances that the tour was a democratic endeavor) is riveting, showcasing inventive re-arrangements of many Dylan classics, including "Simple Twist of Fate," "A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall," and "The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll."

In comparison to the material that stands on its own, the absurd touches feel glommed-on and pointless, and much of the time, they don't work. When the Van Dorp character prattles about how he wanted to show "the contrast between the excesses of the people on the tour and the dissolution of society [in] the land of pet rocks and Slurpees from 7-Eleven," it's like being forced to listen to a reading of a satirical short story by a fiction writer who understands the dictionary definition of satire but never figured out what, exactly, he intended to make fun of. The culture itself? The popular art form that tries to respond to the culture? The mentality of the artist mocking other artists trying to respond to the culture?

This is a documentary, and at the same time, it's also a prank or a joke. But it's not particularly funny when it's plainly trying to be. Why? Maybe because it's lumpy and unfocused, meandering from absurdism to poker-faced sincerity (as in self-contained sections about the plight of Native Americans and the fate of one of Dylan's real-life subjects, wrongly imprisoned boxer Rubin "Hurricane" Carter). Or maybe it's because when you think of Scorsese, one of the great living American filmmakers, a lot of different words and phrases spring to mind, but "goofy" and "wry" and "light touch" aren't among them.

The unsung hero in all this is Alk, whose footage gives the movie its artistic and historical nucleus. He was friends with Dylan from 1963 on, and worked with him on several movies, including "Eat the Document," "Hard Rain" (also about the Rolling Thunder tour) and Dylan's semi-improvised, self-directed "Renaldo and Clara" (where a lot of the footage comes from). Aficionados of analog-era, fly-on-the-wall nonfiction camerawork will admire the intelligence that Alk brings to every composition and camera move—assuming it's Alk's work that we're mostly seeing here, and it's impossible to know for sure, since Scorsese never identifies the footage that way, and lets us believe that "Van Dorp" shot all of it, because that's the joke. There are instances where he even seems to have dubbed Dylan and other real-life personages addressing Alk as "Van Dorp."

Meanwhile, Alk's unobtrusive artistry shines through anyway—as in a lovely moment where Dylan and Ginsberg visit the cemetery where Jack Kerouac is buried, and the camera briefly sneaks away from the two men swapping Kerouac quotes to wander over to the writer's grave site, perfectly framing the rectangular headstone to create a frame-within-a-frame.

At one point, Van Dorp gripes about an obsequious Rolling Stone reporter, real-life journalist and gadfly Larry "Ratso" Sloman, stating that "he didn't want anyone else with vision around." This feels like a self-deprecating joke on Scorsese's own status as an auteur who puts his name on nonfiction projects partly comprised of archival footage created by others. But erasing credit for another artist's work—even an obscure one, even inadvertently, and even in the service of satire and conceptual art—is a dicey business. It backfires here, contributing to the current national malaise wherein facts are provisional and nothing can be trusted anymore, and making the project feel insensitive to the hard-won achievements of real people without whom it would not exist. Buried beneath layers of metafictional tomfoolery is a moving film about an anonymous artist whose achievements remain unrecognized, even by people ideally positioned to throw a spotlight on them.


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⁣Safe and Effective: A Second Opinion shines a light on Covid-19 vaccine injuries and bereavements, but also to takes an encompassing look at the systemic failings that appear to have enabled them. We look at leading analysis of pharmaceutical trials, the role of the MHRA in regulating these products, the role of the SAGE behavioural scientists in influencing policy and the role of the media and Big Tech companies in supressing free and open debate on the subject.

Produced in collaboration with Oracle Films and Mark Sharman; Former ITV and BSkyB Executive and News Uncut, it's a self-financed, one-hour TV programme, formatted for 2 commercial breaks.

Join the discussion by following us on Telegram:


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⁣5th Kind TV presents, A 2023 Space Documentary created by producer and composer Giovanni Lodigiani. Exploring ancient aliens, wormholes, advanced knowledge, Warp drive travel, Space propulsion, the Kardashev scale, alien life and the very nature of out reality.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below 👇

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⁣Dave Grohl takes another step toward Renaissance-man status with “Sound City,” his likable debut as a documentary director.
Mr. Grohl has already had considerable success as a drummer, guitarist and vocalist in groups like Nirvana and Foo Fighters and has shown a boundless curiosity with various side projects. (Yes, that was him in a cameo in the 2011 movie “The Muppets.”) Directing “Sound City,” about the recording studio of that name, now defunct, in the San Fernando Valley of California, he shows a decent grasp of how to pace a documentary and how to push nostalgia buttons, avoiding the marsh of smarminess most — though not quite all — of the time.

But “Sound City” is not merely a those-were-the-days eulogy for the studio, which closed in 2011. It’s really three films. The first third is a pleasant, somewhat glossy-feeling look back at the albums that were made there and the stars who made them, with anecdotes from Fleetwood Mac, Rick Springfield and many others that will be candy to several generations’ worth of rock fans. The studio, an unimposing-looking place to say the least, had a knack for turning out a big album just when it seemed on the brink of failure: Fleetwood Mac’s self-titled 1975 album and “Rumours” two years later, Mr. Springfield’s “Working Class Dog” in 1981, Nirvana’s seminal “Nevermind” in 1991.
The film then becomes a chronicle of the slow death of the studio, an analog operation whose heart was a Neve soundboard that recorded on tape, which by the 1980s had begun to be supplanted by digital technology. Mr. Grohl has become something of a musical preservationist, and he and others lament the loss of the human element of the analog era and the emergence of music created and manipulated on computers. It’s not an antidigital argument — Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails makes a case for digital technology as a creative tool — so much as an antiblandness argument.

And then Mr. Grohl turns his attention to making some new music. He bought the Neve board when Sound City closed and installed it in his own studio, and we see him and others putting it to use.
The big draw is Paul McCartney, who is shown recording a song called “Cut Me Some Slack,” seemingly making it up on the spot. It’s a little incongruous to hear Mr. Grohl advocate for a quick-and-dirty approach — “Do it,” he says. “Make it simple. Make it fast. Don’t overthink it.” — while working with Mr. McCartney, whose résumé includes some beloved Beatles songs that were painstakingly assembled track by track. But hey, don’t overthink it.
Mr. Grohl has put a lot of affection into this film, and it shows. One of the nicest touches may go unnoticed. Over the ending credits a catchy song called “Sound City” plays. The vocals are credited to Doug Deep and Paula Salvatore — Ms. Salvatore having been the manager of the studio in the 1980s. Earlier in the film she had spoken wistfully about having dreamed of her own musical career.


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⁣14 Peaks: Nothing Is Impossible’ - Climbing at a Breakneck Pace
A documentary follows the Nepalese mountaineer Nirmal Purja as he tries to add cultural depth to the sport’s highs.
As the mountaineering genre continues its ascent into the mainstream, there’s a thesis awaiting a graduate student about male climbers and their mothers, wives or partners. Touched on in the Oscar winner “Free Solo” and summer’s “The Alpinist,” those relationships get screen time in “14 Peaks: Nothing Is Impossible,” about the Nepalese climber Nirmal Purja, known as Nimsdai, and his attempt to summit the world’s 14 highest peaks in seven months. (The previous record was seven years.)

While his wife, Suchi Purja, charmingly attempts to explain her husband’s embrace of risk to civilians, it’s his ailing mother who underscores more tender lessons about her son’s drive but also about the mortality we all face.
As a young man, Purja enlisted in his country’s legendary armed forces, the Gurkhas, and later joined the United Kingdom Special Forces. He seized on the climbing endeavor, which he called “Project Possible,” as a way to highlight the contributions of Nepalese mountaineers, who are more than the Sherpas to Western expeditions.

Early on, the project’s four other climbers — Mingma David Sherpa, Geljen Sherpa, Lakpa Dendi Sherpa and Gesman Tamang — get introduced as vital characters. They are as devoted to Purja’s seemingly mad mission as he is.
Much of the documentary’s climbing footage was taken by Purja and his team. The director Torquil Jones uses those images, as well as fresh interviews (the alpine legend Reinhold Messner waxing beautifully existential) and some vivid animation to craft a documentary exploring themes of generosity, danger, drive and national character.
In widening its aperture — from the ascents to visits to Purja’s childhood home as well as brief dives into Nepal’s history — “14 Peaks” expands a genre often focused on the feats of individuals to celebrate lessons about vast dreams and communal bonds.


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⁣Himalaya of the hypocrisy!!!
⁣I am aware that most of the materials on this channel are very pessimistic and always worse news from the world. I because of that I decided to put this movie not on DocumentaryArchive but here to make my followers laugh until their stomach aches.

I come from the communist block, I grew up in the 70s in Poland and this film clearly reminds me of classic Soviet Propaganda. The level of sweetness and exaggerated concern for the public good can make you vomit in this story.

However, there is so much hypocrisy, naive deception, and caricature pride here that all you can do is laugh out loud.

Have fun watching this movie.

⁣Official description :-))))))))))
With his signature blend of scientific acumen, candor and integrity, Dr. Anthony Fauci became America’s most unlikely cultural icon during COVID-19. A world-renowned infectious disease specialist and the longest-serving public health leader in Washington, D.C., he has valiantly overseen the U.S. response to 50 years’ worth of epidemics, including HIV/AIDS, SARS and Ebola. FAUCI is an unprecedented portrait of one of our most vital public servants, whose work saved millions while he faced threats from anonymous adversaries.

Directed by Emmy winners John Hoffman (The Weight of the Nation, Sleepless in America) and Janet Tobias (Unseen Enemy), the film is executive produced by Academy Award winner Dan Cogan (Icarus) and two-time Academy Award nominee Liz Garbus (What Happened, Miss Simone?, The Farm: Angola, USA). The documentary features insights from President George W. Bush, Bill Gates, Bono, former U.S. Department of Health and Human Services secretary Sylvia Burwell, former national security advisor Susan Rice, National Institutes of Health director Dr. Francis Collins, former Centers for Disease Control and Prevention director Dr. Tom Frieden and key AIDS activists, plus Dr. Fauci’s family, friends and former patients.


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⁣The WEF plan for '15 minute cities' is already rolling out to keep you from driving and leaving a certain radius. Now cities in England and launching these new lockdowns. The fallout from the #twitterfiles continues with new reports of government collusion with executives at Twitter. Dutch farms are set to have their farms taken from them. We talk with academic research Ralph Schoelhammer about this tyranny.

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⁣Watch DIED SUDDENLY - FULL Documentary watch HERE => ⁣


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⁣The Dark Web | Black Market Trade | Illegal Activities | Documentary

⁣The Dark Web - There’s a dark side to the internet, and you probably don’t even know it exists. Look behind the positive veneer of social media, communication apps and platforms that have made our lives easier and more connected, and you’ll find criminals using the same apps and platforms to run illicit and dangerous activities.

The Dark Web (2019)
Genre: Documentary
Language: English
Release Date: 10 Jul. 2019 (Singapore)

0:00 Black Market Boom
Drugs, guns, counterfeit documents and much more are sold on dark web marketplaces that run on anonymous browsers and using cryptocurrency. AlphaBay was the biggest marketplace, transacting over US$800,000 in a day enabling its founder to live a luxury lifestyle in anonymity, until international law enforcement caught up with him.

45:16 The Candyman
It was one of 640 million closed groups on Facebook. Hiding behind the anonymity, the creator of child p*rnography group Loli Candy and its 7,000 members hid their activities on Facebook and Whatsapp – the dissemination of horrifying images of abuse. While they were eventually bought to justice many more thrive.

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⁣Covid-19 Shots Will Kill Billions - Dr. David Martin And Seth Holehouse.

⁣In this interview (video starts after 1 min) MAN IN AMERICA, Mr. Seth Holehouse, talks to Dr. David Martin about the recent movie DIED SUDDENLY, and the precautions that needs to be taken towards the evil Covid-19 worldwide genocide agenda shots.
If 3 billion people took Covid-19 shots, and 7% to 15% of the batches had severe adverse events, that's around 300 million people with permanent death and disabilities.

If those 300 million people now require the 24/7 health care services of other individuals, that's another 300 million people dedicated to their care. "So, we're talking about 600 million people incapacitated" says Dr. David Martin.

DIED SUDDENLY Documentary =>⁣

American (R)Evolution => ⁣

It is really WAKE UP time folks!
You can follow Dr. David Martin at -

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⁣Of all the harmful misinformation spread over the past couple of years, one of the most disturbing false narratives was targeted at the Nobel Prize winning HUMAN medicine, Ivermectin.

We produced the above short film to correct the narrative and to reveal the motive behind the smear campaign against one of the safest and most effective medicines of this era. A medicine that, according to the numerous top scientists I’ve interviewed, would have ended the pandemic before it began. A medicine that could have saved countless lives.

Every medical professional I’ve spoken with stress the importance of early treatment. Myself, my family and friends use Ivermectin regularly as a preventative against all the new variants spreading throughout our immune compromised communities.

Because I believe the withholding of Ivermectin is a crime against humanity, I’ve found what I believe is one of the best places to stock up on this truly remarkable medicine. Early Treatment Meds by Seven Cells is one of the top compounding pharmacies in the country. They source only US based products - all from FDA inspected and approved facilities.

Committed to ensuring that everyone has access to the best medicines available, Early Treatment Meds has gone to great lengths to make the ordering and delivery process as easy as possible.
Simply click the yellow button on this page, then fill out their short questionnaire. Once your order is approved by a Early Treatment Meds Physician, your Ivermectin will be sent directly to your home.
Take care of yourself… and each other.
Mikki Willis
Father, Filmmaker


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⁣Dr. David Martin: Who “they” are? - The names of the people who are killing Humanity

⁣So called Viruses are by products of diseased tissues. (Exosomes)
They are cellular debris.
We have been tricked into thinking they are the cause of disease,
so we 'combat' them by injecting ourselves with synthetic chemicals,
which ironically leads to more diseased tissue and more so called viruses(exosomes)
Original channel : Algora Blog

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1. Al Gore, Vice-President of the United States (1993-2001), Chairman and Co-Founder, Generation Investment Management LLP
2. Andre Hoffmann, Vice- Chairman, Roche
3. Angel Gurria, QECD
4. Bill Gates, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
5. Christine Lagarde, President European Central Bank
6. Chrystia Freeland, Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Finance, Office of the Deputy Prime minister of Canada
7. David M. Rubenstein, Co-Founder and Co-Executive Chairman, Carlyle Group
8. Dustin Moskovitz, Open Philanthropy
9. Fabiola Gianotti, Director-General, European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN)
10. Feike Sybesma, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Royal Philips
11. H.M. Queen Rania Al Abdullah of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Queen of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Office of H.M Queen Rania Al Abdullah
12. Heizo Takenaka, Professor Emeritus, Keio University
13. Herman Gref, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board, Sberbank
14. Jim Hagemann Snabe,Chairman Siemens
15. Julie Sweet , Chief Executive Officer, Accenture
16. Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum
17. Kristalina Georgeva, Managing Director, International Monetary Fund (IMF)
18. L. Rafael Reif, President, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
19. Larry Page, Google
20. Laurence D Fink, Chair and Chief Executive Officer, BlackRock
21. Luis Alberto Moreno, Member of the Board of Trustees World Economic Forum
22. Marc Benioff, Chair and Chief Executive Officer, Salesforce
23. Mark Carney, United Nations Special Envoy for Climate Action and Finance, United Nations
24. Mark Schneider, Chief Executive Officer, Nestle
25. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook
26. Mukesh D Ambani, Chairman and Managing Director of Reliance Industries
27. Orit Gadiesh, Chairman, Bain & Company
28. Patrice Motsepe, Founder and Executive Chairman, African Rainbow Minerals
29. Paula Ingabire, Minister of Information Technology and Innovation, Ministry of Information Communication Technology and Innovation of Rwanda
30. Peter Brabeck-Latmathe, Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees, World Economic Forum
31. Peter Maurer, President, International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)
32. Robert Mercer, Renaissance Fund
33. Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Senior Minister, Government of Singapore
34. Thomas Buberi, Chief Executive Officer, AXA
35. Yo-Yo Ma, Cellist
36. Zhu Min, Chairman, National Institute of Financial Research

Dr. David Martin spills the beans
Exposing organisations and names of psychopaths behind this genocide attempt.
Dr. David Martin Exposes the Names and Faces of the People Who Are Killing Humanity
Red Pill Expo, November 19, 2021
If you thought the last Dr David Martin talk was exciting, this one, which he gave at the Red Pill Expo is positively electrifying.

He says that this is “final” speech but that we will be hearing from him, only it will be a new version: No more Mr Nice Guy. We get to see a bit of that in this presentation. He is angry.
David has put the names and faces of all of the major players in the theater of the COVID War onto one slide, which he says is important, because “We energize the forces of darkness when we anonymize them and when we see their faces on a screen, we realize that they’re merely individuals that have lost the social contract with humanity.”

The purpose of this talk is to de-mystify the “they” of the COVID War.
“How many of you are familiar with the company, Anser? I love having this moment. Do you know they are the single largest contractor in the entire COVID terrorism campaign?…
“The companies on the right, that you think are the ones running this show [Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, Merck Ridgeback, Gilead Sciences], are in fact a front [for the companies on the left, Anser, Fors-Marsh, Palantir, Publicis Sapient].
“And you know what a front organization is? They’re the ones that are supposed to take the flack and take the heat. The ones on the left are the ones that actually got the money. Operation Warp Speed went to Anser.

“You didn’t know that, because you were told by the media that it went to Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson and all that kind of stuff. That’s not true. The prime contract of Operation Warp Speed went through Anser, a company none of you had heard of!
“And you didn’t hear about them because the contract was signed by ATI, a company based in South Carolina, a company whose history has been government defense contracts for the purposes of propaganda! I wish I made that up. The prime contractor selected to run Operation Warp Speed was a propaganda expert for the US Department of Defense…
“Anser is the way for the Federal Government never to be liable for the criminal conspiracy they know they ran. They are now one of the top ten Federal Contractors in history, below Lockheed-Martin, Raytheon and all those guys.

“Those names you know. You don’t know Anser, the single company that, by COVID rose – the highest-ranked rise in the history of federal contracting; the highest single-year rise, ever was Anser – and none of you know who they are!…
“Anser Corporation, they’re the ones running Operation Warp Speed and they’ve been set up to shield these manufacturers from ever taking the financial liability for their willful misconduct. And one day, everybody’s gonna go, ‘Let’s sue Pfizer! Let’s go sue everybody else! And the only problem is when we go to sue them, they say, ‘Hey! It wasn’t us!’ And they’re right and all of us were asleep. And I’m talking to a woke crowd, here and all of you were asleep.
“Don’t tell me you’re awake if you’re still sleeping, because if you didn’t know who Anser is, you’re still asleep!

“It gets worse. Fors-Marsh, anybody know Fors-Marsh?…They’re the branding agency that branded COVID. They’re the ones who make sure we find hospitals that are overrun with people. They’re the ones who find kids that died of COVID right before the FDA needs to vote on giving kids injections. They’re the ones that go around the world, making sure every message is always the same: ‘We will not return to normal until we have a vaccine.’ Thank you, Justin Trudeau! Where’d you get the script? From Fors-Marsh! And how many of you knew that? None of ya!
“How about Palantir? Hey, that’s a weird one, isn’t it? Peter Thiel, who has successfully run a company that has lost $200 million plus, every year for about seven or eight years, goes public in the middle of COVID. Isn’t timing interesting? Isn’t it fascinating that a company that’s done nothing but lose billions of dollars goes public in the middle of the worst economic cycle we’ve had? Isn’t that funny? And did you actually go back and read their public offering? Hah! Funny! I know you didn’t, because there really wasn’t one, that’s why you didn’t read it!
“Because they went public in this very bizarre, backdoor way of actually selling founder’s stock into the market, so we got personally-enriched – personally-enriched – using the public market as the laundering facility. Isn’t that brilliant?

“But let’s look at what they did for our COVID scandal. They actually came up with a thing called Gotham Data Tracking…you know what that does? That’s making sure that every time you turn your phone on, when you get off the plane, when you cross the state line, it gives you a little tag that goes, ‘Hey, do you want a COVID alert in your neighborhood?’ You know why? Because you are being monitored. Your phone is being monitored. Your transactions are being monitored, your credit cards are being monitored, your health behavior’s being monitored, your vaccine status is being monitored and it’s all done under the contract run by Gotham Data Sciences, the company that went public during COVID – and none of you knew about this.
“And you’ve been to Red Pills! And you still haven’t taken the Red Pill! And by the way, I’m not even to the good slide, yet. So be depressed! ‘Cause it’s getting worse!
“Publicis Sapient, the Health and Human Services’ IT contract. Have you ever wondered how the data never seems to add up? Somebody always has allegedly the same reportable data?
“Publicis Sapient has the Health and Human Services’ IT contract to consolidate all of the data, so guess what happens? Everybody has the same number of COVID cases to report, when somebody from the media calls and says, ‘Hey, how many cases do we have?’ ‘Oh, 40,000’. ‘Oh, round number, 40,000’…
“When, in the course of human history has a round number involving the word ‘thousand’ ever happened? There’s never been a 10,000 heart day, there’s never been a round number day – until you actually control the Department of Health and Human Services’ entire IT platform and not one of you knows that that’s a single contract, run by Publicis Sapient…
“You’ve been focused on the right hand side the whole time and the left hand side is doing the dirty work.
“Now, why do I call them ‘privateers’? How many are familiar with the difference between a pirate and a privateer? Pirates go rape and marauding and stealing and…a privateer is the same thing, that has permission to do it by a government that’s gone corrupt. That’s what these are (points to the slide of COVID contractors). They’re the privateers. But hey, since we have privateers, it feels only appropriate that if we have a world of privateers, we should also…have a world of pirates. And here’s our pirates.”
New slide shows the universities who’ve been involved in the COVID War: UNC Chapel Hill, Vanderbilt, Emory, Johns Hopkins, University of California System, MIT, NYU Langone, DZIF, Imperial College, IHME, Erasmus Medical Center.
“Pirates. UNC Chapel Hill, I talked about that. That’s the guy who actually made the weapon, Ralph Baric. Since 1999, $100 million to weaponize the particles of coronavirus. Over $100 million. You’ve heard about $3.7 million going to Wuhan – ohhhh – 3.7 million, that feels like a bad number.
“And how ’bout $28 billion of that coming from DARPA for their bioweapons initiative? Anybody heard of $28 billion that went through Anthony Fauci at NIAID? Anyone hear about the $20 billion that went directly to UNC Chapel Hill, that weaponized spike protein?
“You haven’t heard about that, you haven’t heard about that because we’ve been talking about $3.7 million going to Wuhan. Stop being distracted by the cover story!…Because the distraction is where the interesting thing is.
“UNC Chapel Hill, Vanderbilt, Emory, Johns Hopkins and University of California: those are the pirates that have made the most money on federally-granted, disclosed money going into the university sector. I’m calling them ‘pirates’ for a very good reason. They justify all of this in the name of science and education…
“I don’t even care whether these people pretend to hide behind the ‘It’s an academic research project’ to try and get out of the bioweapons definition. The bioweapons definition says that if you enable a foreign entity to build something known to harm humanity, you have already created a felony, you are going to jail for the rest of your life and you are liable for $100 million penalty.
“So guess what? Welcome to Hell, all five of these universities! Because they’re all felons! All of ’em!
“And how ’bout the right hand side? MIT, New York University Langone – hey, by the way, Langone? Where did that name come from? Ken Langone? Anybody? Oh! I’m not supposed to say that name out loud, Ken Langone, except I just did, didn’t I? Ken Langone…
“They’re actually putting their name on the letterhead and you don’t know who to look for! You’re still being told, ‘Oh, it’s the Rothschilds and it’s the Rockefellers!
“No, it’s not! It’s the guy who put his name on the facility! How many of you know who Ken Langone is? Guess what? Look it up! Because that’s a pretty big thing that you should be aware of and unfortunately, you’re not aware of it, for a very good reason because he hid it in plain site, on the name of the medical center. New York University Langone, like that’s a really hard thing to find.
“DZIF Charité…you’ve heard of Dr Christian Drosten, the Crazy-in-Chief in Germany who’s kind of Anthony Fauci and Ralph Baric’s evil stepchild, Imperial College, the criminal conspirators who came up with the fear porn of how many people were going to die, IHME, the University of Washington program, but the one I want to bring your attention to is the one at the bottom, Erasmus Medical Center.
“Bart Haagmans…In 2002,Bart Haagmans was an interesting dude, because he actually figured out a way to build a bunch of patents around the vaccines for the coronavirus. Mysteriously, the European Union in 2012 started giving him massive, massive grants to run a thing called Zapi.
“And Zapi was the zoonotic disease transmission laboratory for the European Union. And Bart seemed to always get the money. Now, this is fascinating because Bart was also the one who decided to patent MERS. The Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome, remember that one? The one that never really happened but kinda happened in 2012-13? Bart was the one that patented MERS…

“Erasmus Medical Center, actually, in their public statement, when they were confronted with the lie, where they said that they hadn’t filed a patent on the actual genome – kinda like the CDC said in 2007 – when confronted with the lie, they said in public – and you can’t make this sh!t up, People, it’s so funny! They said, ‘Well, what we said was not entirely false in all jurisdictions in the world.’
“But this, Ladies and Gentlemen is the slide you wanted to see. This is actually the names and faces of the people who are, in fact killing humanity. And that’s ALL of them. Now, here’s the bad news: There’s a lot of people on that slide, aren’t there? Here’s the better news…I’ll actually give you all this slide, because why not? Lets make sure that we don’t ever forget the names and the faces of the people who decided to kill us…”
Here is a list of all the people in that slide:
· Mukesh D. Ambani, Chairman, Reliance Industries
· Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Trustees WEF
· Mark Carney, UN Special Envoy for Climate Action
· Chrystia Freeland, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Canada
· Kristalina Georgieva, Managing Director of the IMF
· Queen Rania of Jordan
· David M. Rubenstein, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, Carlyle Group
· Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman, WEF
· Marc Benioff, Chair and Chief Executive Officer, Salesforce
· Thomas Buberl, CEO, AXA
· Laurence Fink, Chairman & CEO, BlackRock
· Orit Gadiesh, Chairman, Bain & Company
· Fabiola Gianotti, Director General, CERN
· L. Rafael Reif, President of MIT
· Mark Schneider, CEO, Nestlé
· Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Defense Minister, Singapore
· Robert Mercer, Renaissance Fund
· Larry Page, Google
· Al Gore, Environmentalist
· Angel Gurría, Secretary General OECD
· Paula Ingabire, Minister of Information Communication Technology, Rwanda
· Yo-Yo Ma, Cellist
· Luis Alberto Moreno, WEF
· Jim Hagemann Snabe, Chairman of Siemens and of Maersk
· Feike Sijbesma, Philco
· Zhu Min, Deputy Managing Director, IMF
· Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook/Meta
· Bill Gates, Microsoft
· Herman Gref, CEO, Sberbank
· André Hoffmann, Vice-Chairman Hoffman-La Roche
· Christine Lagarde, President, European Central Bank
· Peter Maurer, President, Red Cross
· Patrice Motsepe, Chairman, African Rainbow Minerals
· Julie Sweet, CEO, Accenture
· Heizo Takenaka, Economist
· Dustin Moskovitz, Open Philanthropy
David continues, “I want you to have some looks on there. Some are kind of interesting, like cellist Yo-Yo Ma. Did you hear me say that? Cellist, Yo-Yo Ma.
“How about the head of the Wellcome Trust? Not surprising, there, right? How about Princess Rania of Jordan? Ooh, that’s weird.
“How about the woman who happens to be sitting at the helm of the leadership of the government of Canada but conveniently out of sight but running 100% of the money for the government of Canada.
“How about all of these interesting people like, Jim Hagemann Snabe, how about Zhu Min, Chairman of the National Institute of Financial Research in China?
“And what makes these individuals interesting is that when you look at them, you find out something very important. Almost none of them have sought public visibility. Isn’t that funny? Which makes me pick on one of them. The guy I have here, at the bottom corner. And I have to give him credit. He has done so much to stay out of sight.
“I’ve got 12 minutes left. I’ve got to spend a couple of minutes on the guy who’s paid every search engine optimization to keep his name out of search engines and I’m doing it so that is costs him sh!tloads to keep all of you silent.
“So let’s get really clear on Dustin Moskovitz. Shall we, Dustin Moskovitz?…You little piece of sh!t! Let’s talk about him for a minute. The Co-Founder of Facebook that you’ve never heard of…also the guy who founded Open Philanthropy, who was the actual check-writer for Event201. You were told that it was the World Economic Forum. You were told it was the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. You were told it was Johns Hopkins University. But the actual check that cleared for the program was signed by none other than Dustin Moskovitz…
“Now, I’m picking on him for a good reason. He’s a felon, he’s a criminal. He is one of the most sociopathic, psychopathic, crazy people walking the planet and he’s paid to keep his name in private. So guess what? Don’t let him! The reason why I want to give you this slide is because I want every one of them named. I want them all publicly named.
“Because it’s time that we start going through the reality of saying, ‘We the People are not going to let mass-murderers get away anonymously mass-murdering people. We are not going to allow that to happen! Not on our watch! And that’s why you have this slide…
“But let’s go back to Dustin. Isn’t it interesting that Dustin conveniently decided to shroud this entire public health crisis in a self-serving, self-interested investment objective? He owns Sherlock biosciences. Sherlock Bioscienceshappens to be the company that owns the CRISPR technology that is the joint venture between the United States and China on gene editing the human genome…
“Dustin Moskovitz knew that if he actually tried to take this technology into the public, nobody would be willing to do it, particularly, given the fact that it’s a JV [joint venture] between him and the government of China. That’s the reason why we’d have a problem with it. Because it feels like eugenics. You know why it feels like eugenics? Because it iseugenics, that’s why it feels like it! That’s why it feels like Cold Spring Harbor Labs…
“The only way we could get gene editing technology approved was with an Emergency Use Authorization. Not surprisingly, once everybody was distracted on vaccines and everybody was distracted on RTPCR and everybody was distracted on everything else, Sherlock Biosciences slipped their Emergency Use Authorization application into the FDA – and got it. In other words, using the cover of COVID, which all of us are pretending to talk about, the editing of the human genome was approved and not one of us said a thing.
“Now, if you were going to edit the human genome, do you think you’d need a good cover story to actually hide what you’re really doing? You’d probably find the guy who has the biggest financial interest in doing it and make sure, that while everyone is looking over at coronavirus and COVID and trying to figure out these Lab Leak Hypothesis – there’s no Lab Leak Hypothesis, because there’s no lab leak!
“So stop taking about lab leaks! there is no lab leak. This is the willful weaponization of a spike protein, that’s what it is. It’s an act of war, it’s not a leak. We need to start calling it what it is. It’s an act of war. It’s an act of war against humanity.
“We stop pretending to take their bait and follow their stupid rabbit trails and follow stupid rabbit trails into stupid rabbit holes and wonder why there’s a bunch of pee and piss and poo that smells like rabbit warrens. Well, it smells like it because that’s what you find at the end of a rabbit trail.
“We need to be focused on the point and people like Dustin Moskovitz and this slide is going to be shared with everyone in this room, because it is incumbent on you. Now you know. Now you must act. Because when we talk about the ‘they’, we empower the ‘they’.
“But when we talk about the names of people, we humanize the sociopathic behavior. We humanize the fact that there are individuals and organizations that are willfully murdering the humanity that we know and love and we cannot let that hapen on our watch. It is incumbent on all us to get those words out.”
Watch the full presentation below:
The next slide shows the countries of the US, Canada, UK, Germany, South Africa, China and Australia and the logos of the following corporations: BlackRock, AXA, HSBC, International Monetary Fund, United Healthcare, Insurance Corporation of British Columbia.
David says, “The most important part of this slide is what I put in the Atlantic Ocean, because the real nation-state isn’t a nation-state. Listen!…The Treaty of Westphalia, the stupid idea of drawing lines on maps and calling them countries has long been dead.
“The real control is that,” (points to the slide), “what I call the ‘Atlantic Coalition of Doom.’ The Atlantic Coalition of Doom: BlackRock, AXA, the International Monetary Fund, HSBC, ICBC and you guessed it, United Healthcare…
“United Healthcare is a corrupt organization. It is a corrupt organization. It must be called what it is. It is actually the most manipulative corporate structures known to humanity, because what it does is it matches life insurance and insurance products with the delivery of healthcare, so they can so what? Manage your health? Oh-ho-ho no! Bet against the timing of your death.
“That’s the internal arbitrage. It is the wet dream of the Lloyd’s of London syndicate. They would have loved to have had this opportunity. But guess what? They didn’t. United Healthcare did. They put two things together, which means they get to manage your life so they can time your death, so they can profit on both.”
Below given info is not mentioned by Dr David Martin!
I found this info under comments which I cut and pasted here.
The main orchestrators of this GENOCIDE.
THEY are The ROTHSCHILD and ROCKEFELLER bloodlines with their dirty allies: DuPont, Carnegie, Clinton (a Rockefeller), Koch, Walton, Al-Saud, Cargill-MacMillan, Astor, Bundy, Collins, Freeman, The Vatican, Li, Onassis, Van Duyn, Merovingian, Soros, Buffet, Morgan, the British bloodline.
The useful idiots are Gates, Fauci & wife Christine Grady, chief of Department of Bioethics at the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center (NIH), Bezos, Henry Kissinger, Zuckerberg (a Rothschild).
All are guilty of CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY - COMMITTING GLOBAL GENOCIDE and need to be severely punished.
No virus has ever been isolated in any shape or form, and therefore no vaccine needed.

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